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woocommerce: detecting order complete / on order completion

woocommerce: detecting order complete / on order completion How to programmatically detect that a WooCommerce order has completed. In essence, “On order complete”. Easily detect all the status changes an order can go through with actions. I’ve spent half a day trying to get this working properly. If you want to detect a WooCommerce order […]

Mac – Useful Shortcodes

The Go to Folder feature The Finder has its Go to Folder feature, which can be used for accessing hidden directories, but similar to the Terminal, you can drag a file or folder here to reveal its full path. To do this, open a new Finder window by pressing Command-N, and then press Shift-Command-G to […]

Scrap all emails with eMacros from a website

This page is to explain how to scrap all emails from many pages. Lets take this website as example: www.immostreet.com This a french website with a plenty of email I would like to scrap using iMacros. First install iMacros for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/imacros-for-firefox/ Then Create a new Macro in Javascript.   The code is here:   // […]

Les nouvelles régions de france

Voici les nouvelles régions de France au format excel. Les données sous forme de tableau sont ici. Numéro Nom Ancienne Région Nouvelle région 67 Bas-Rhin Alsace Grand est 68 Haut-Rhin Alsace Grand est 24 Dordogne Aquitaine Nouvelle Aquitaine 33 Gironde Aquitaine Nouvelle Aquitaine 40 Landes Aquitaine Nouvelle Aquitaine 47 Lot-et-Garonne Aquitaine Nouvelle Aquitaine 64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques […]

Magento vs Drupal

Cette impression d’écran remet en question la crédibilité du CMS Magento. La page d’accueil du site de Magento a été mise en place grâce au CMS DRUPAL. Vous pouvez vérifiez par vous même sur le site officiel de Magento !